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Lawlessness in Pakistan

Lawlessness and violence have torn our country. The sense of insecurity has shattered our peace of mind. Nobody feels secure at a work place or market. Everybody is in the state of trauma. People are in the shackles of terror. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to do work calmly.

Sectarian riots, clashes, murders, kidnapping and robbery reflect the weakness of law and justice. In civilized states, the crime of murder is considered as a crime against the state. Such states never spare such criminals. In our country, the offenders rarely are traced.

The institution of state justice should be so strong that nobody may ever have the courage to break the law. Any breach of law must be dealt with an iron hand without any discrimination of the high or the low, rich or poor. Our judicial system should be free from any influence. Only neutral and speedy judicial system can bring peace to our land.

The government should take strict action against the criminals and try to eliminate lawlessness in Pakistan. The most severe punishment should be given to the criminals without discrimination so that others may learn lesson and be discouraged for committing a crime.



Social networking sites

Social networking sites are a great platform for people to connect with their loved ones. It helps in increasing communication and making connection with people all over the world. Although people believe that social networking sites are harmful, they are also very beneficial social networking sites are everywhere now.

In other words, they have taken over almost every sphere of life. They come with both – advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the educational field, these sites enhance education by having an influence on the learners. They can explore various topics for their projects. Furthermore, the business field benefits a lot from social networking sites. The companies use social networking sites to connect better with their potential clients and business partners. Moreover, people in search of jobs use the sites to connect better with employers and firms. This gives them a great opportunity to seek better jobs



Growing addiction of junk food

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to highlight the development of dangerous addiction to junk food among youngsters.

Junk food tempts for various reasons. It is easily available at low prices and is tasty. Children don’t know the consequences of the habit of eating junk food on their health. Regular intake of junk food leads to complications like obesity, chronic illness, low self esteem and even depression.

Schools should promote healthy habits by keeping a check on food items being sold at canteens. Parents should also not encourage intake of junk food. Children should also be taught about this. I hope my views and opinion will find a place in your newspaper.



Electricity problems

Pakistan is facing a severe electricity crisis due to a persistent and widening gap between demand and available system generating capacity. The power shortage has become a major political issue, reflecting the hardships for individuals and businesses. It threatens to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of government and to further stress the social fabric of the country. The power crisis did not emerge suddenly. It is the direct result of imprudent and reckless energy policies over the last three decades. These policies have impeded the development of cheap and abundant domestic energy sources.

They have also resulted in very inefficient fuel-mix choices, compromising energy and economic security. Pakistan’s energy bankruptcy is ultimately due to massive institutional and governance failure. All the stakeholders are requested to please take some tangible measures and frame such policies which may lead to the solution of the power shortage monster.



Insensitive use of loudspeakers

I am writing this letter to draw the kind attention of the authorities concerned to the insensitive use of loudspeakers in my neighbourhood which has been causing inconvenience to everyone. The usage of loudspeakers at homes and schools has now increased and it is believed that without a loudspeaker the occasion such as wedding and birthday is incomplete.

Loudspeakers have now become a huge contributing factor in increasing noise pollution. The situation is becoming worse because of excessive usage at homes during events, especially during night hours. And such inappropriate usage of the loudspeaker is causing disturbance to the elderly who can’t get a good sleep and to the students who can’t concentrate their attention on their studies. People have also been complaining about hearing loss due to elongated exposure to the loudspeaker.

I think the loudspeakers now need to be banned or a certain time should be set in which the usage of loudspeakers is allowed so that it does not disrupt our everyday activities. Hence, I request the editors to highlight this issue in your newspaper, which would be a great help if it might reach relevant authorities, they might look into fixing the issue.