Make Your Tweets Count


A recent study from MIT discovered that only one third of tweets are actually worth reading. Every day peoples send a Millions of tweets. Celebrities also send them, business owners, and everyday people. Businesses use Twitter as a way to engage with their customers and to gain the attention of potential customers. As a business, what strategy can you implement to increase the chance that your tweet will be read?

A business should approach Twitter as they would any of their marketing efforts. Twitter is much more than 140 characters broadcast to the world. The concept is similar to a person standing in the middle of a packed stadium with a megaphone. This person is announcing to thousands of people their brief message. How can they make sure their message is heard? There are a few simple steps that can be taken to provide a solid strategy for your businesses Twitter marketing plan.

• Don’t Copy: In the world of Twitter, it pays to be original. There are thousands of sites that broadcast their news and their followers share that news with their followers. This pattern is great for the original source of the Tweet. It drives traffic back to the original poster. Therefore, be original.

• Be Brief: While Twitter gives you 140 characters, businesses should try to keep their tweets around 120 characters. This allows others to RT (re-tweet) or quote your tweet while adding their brief comment to your tweet.

• Use Links: When you have a great tweet, it should lead to a great source. The source may be your blog, YouTube video, website or Facebook page. This is how you drive your followers to become customers. Even if they don’t specifically purchase from you, if you provide value with your tweet, they will spread the word.

• The 80/20 Rule: As with any marketing approach, a business should follow the 80/20 rule on Twitter. This simple rules states that 80% of your information should be of use to your audience. The remaining 20% can be self-promotion. Your audience needs to trust you before they purchase your product or service. Giving them great content achieves this goal.

• Be careful of hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to have your tweets become part of a single stream and viewed by more than just your followers. However, hashtag use is very similar to using keywords. You don’t want too many and the hashtag must be relevant to the tweet.

Twitter is a wonderful way for businesses to interact with their customer base and engage with potential customers. While Twitter may seem confusing or even intimidating, if a business approaches their Twitter campaign in a strategic way, they will be very happy with the results. The key is to provoke thought while providing your followers with great content. When a business follows the 80/20 rule along with the other steps mentioned above, that business will experience success on Twitter.