Facebook Covers To Customize The New Timeline Profile

Facebook Covers

Facebook Covers To Customize The New Timeline Profile : Facebook has announced a brand new version of their profiles named “Timeline”. The new layout, which re-compiles everything you’ve ever done on Facebook since day one. Now is visible for all of your friends to see. Users are encourage to go through their profiles and hide any posts. If they don’t want their friends, family, and co-workers seeing. For many users, this daunting task is necessary to ensure past “embarrassments” (posts and pictures) don’t resurface. Brace yourself, the new profile is more drastic than any previous changes ever made by Facebook.

The Timeline is not all bad, though. In fact, it offers many great features that early adapters have been raving about. Users are loving that it’s very organize and allows for customization with “Facebook covers”. Timeline is being seeing as a great opportunity to add a bit of “flare” to your profile.  Go to tell people more about yourself.

The Facebook cover, which is the most unique part of the Timeline, consists of a large photo that sits a-top your profile page. This photo can be anything you’d like, from a picture you’ve personally taken, to a pre – made design made by various “Facebook cover” supplying websites.

You can change this as often as you’d like and Facebook will even store all uploaded covers into a photo album for you. For those who don’t know how to change their cover, it’s actually quite easy. Simply hover over the cover area until you see a drop down menu appear. Once it appears, click the menu and chose the “upload cover” option. If you’re using a pre – made cover you’ve found from a website, check to see if the site provides an option to automatically upload the cover to your covers’ album. In this case, you’ll want to return to Facebook, select the “Choose from photos” option, and click the recently uploaded cover image.

The key, when using the Timeline profile, is to be creative. Use this space to express your personality and show a side of you that your Facebook friends haven’t seen before. But keep in mind, this is a public photo that cannot be hide or visible to a select few. Be cautious, as everyone (including existing and potential employers) may see this image. When choosing your cover, be sure not to pick one that may offend friends, family, or anyone else that may view your profile. It’s recommended that you think past your typical “out partying” photo.

Let’s face it, everything you do on Facebook is to show off your life and who you are. Use your cover photo as a way to show off a hobby you’re interested in, a dream car you’ve always wanted, or even to show support for your hometown sport’s team. Your Facebook cover can become a great conversation starter between new and existing friends.