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It can be very frustrating working with a computer that runs slow especially if you are under a strict deadline. The least that you need is a computer that takes forever to start up and load program when all you need to do is send a one-liner e-mail to your business partner or boss. You did not experience this kind of problem when you first bought your computer. You might be constantly asking yourself, “Why does this happen? What can I do about it so that I can work much faster?

There can be many reasons why this happens. The reasons can be grouped into two: first is the momentary slow down of your computer because of its normal activity and second is the slow down of your computer because of computer problems.

There is a momentary slowdown of the computer when it is busy performing regular tasks. Examples of these are when the computer copies large files; the computer is reading a file and opening it; the computer is running a program that use a large amount of resources such as games; or the computer is shared on a network and one of the computers in the network is downloading a large file.

These reasons happen but are not big problems that need quick fixes and solutions. They are almost always momentary. When the computer activity finishes, you’ll enjoy the optimal performance of your computer.

The other group of reasons why this occurs is those that you must do something about. They need your immediate attention because when ignored they do not just irritate you because of a slower work; they can also destroy your computer altogether.

One of the answers to your question, “Why computer slow down happens?” may be the presence of spy ware programs in your computer. Spy ware is software that gets into your computer through your computer’s access to the Internet. Specifically, you get a spy ware when you open an unknown file in your e-mail; download music; or when you visit a web site.

A spy ware program disguises itself as a safe file that you can download into your computer but once it is in your computer and you run it, it can initiate activities in your computer without your control. Examples of these are the pop-up advertisements or the sudden shutting down of your computer. A spyware program can also get information from you like your Internet use habit or even your credit card number.

A spyware takes space in your computer and thus result in the slow down of the performance of your computer. If you don’t fix this problem, your computer will continue to slow down its performance. You may also experience sudden computer crash down or the loss of precious data in your computer.