Computer Performance Optimization – Discover the Best Solution

Computer performance optimization solutions are at need in today’s computer world. With so much software and terabytes of information running through your computer, your computer will eventually start to lag or even crash. Latest computers are capable of executing billions of operations per second, but you might notice that no matter how good your computer is, it tends to slow down and eventually stall. How does this happen, even when latest computers are advertised saying that their capable such massive number of operation per second. Well the truth is no matter if your computer is brand new out of the box or ancient as dinosaurs, the key to computer performance is the computer’s registry. Since this is pretty complicated topic, I have formatted this article in a question and answer format and explained everything in simplest context.

What is computer registry?

The windows registry is in charge of all the hardware and software setting saved on your computer. It is one of the most important processes required to run your computer. Without the windows registry your computer won’t remember any of your settings every time you boot up your computer.

How can the windows registry help in my computer performance optimization?

The windows registry can also be referred to as a giant cache. A cache set of data that has been duplicated and stored in a location where the computer can access it easily when ordered to. The original set of data maybe harder for the computer to access because it’s in a farther location than the cache. The data stored in the cache include software settings, hardware settings, etc. The computer goes to the windows registry call out information that it needs when your order it do a specific task (starting up, logging on, shutting down, launching any program etc). The problem is with today’s computing is that there are so many programs that run on your computer and jam packs your registry with tones of data. This state causes the registry to access data which is located at a more distant place than the cache/ registry which causes the computer to operate at a very slow pace, and depending on how much information it’s ordered to process it may freeze. Therefore a healthy registry results in a faster and fully optimized computer.

How do I know if my computer needs performance optimization?

If your computer does any one of the following symptoms, then your computer needs performance optimization


  • Slow startups, logons, shut downs
  • Freezing / Crashing / blue screens at any time
  • Takes forever to open a program or document
  • Internet is very slow
  • Music seems to chop/ break up
  • Unexpected errors
  • Often asks you to run a disk clean up or a disk defragmenter
  • Programs or documents won’t open up when asked to
  • Always asks you to send Microsoft crash reports

What can I do fix these problems 

Most people result to buying additional RAM (random access memory) for their computer. This is very expensive, and won’t fix the problem at all. The best thing can fix such is issues is to invest in a computer optimization program. These programs scan your entire system especially the windows registry and fix every single problem. You will be able to instantly experience the results right after you run one of these programs.

Where can I find a computer optimization program?

You can find many programs on the internet that would advertise programs that claim to optimize your computer or make it run faster. If you are willing to take a risk then you can purchase these programs. I have tried many computer optimization programs, numerous of them lost me a lot money, because they claimed to optimize my computer but instead infected my computer with a virus. So that being said I have made it easier for you to discover the best solution to optimize your computer.