As Windows 11 22H2 draws near, Windows 10 hangs on

If you’re an IT professional, you are likely still focused on Windows 10. Your network is mostly running it, Windows 11 is still in testing and you aren’t really sure when you’ll deploy the year-old OS. If this sounds like you, congratulations — you sound like the majority of respondents to my unofficial and unscientific survey on what businesses are

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Sadly, IT can no longer trust geolocation for much of

Geolocation was once a glorious way to know who your company is dealing with (and sometimes what they are doing). Then VPNs started to undermine that. And now, things have gotten so bad that the Apple App Store and Google Play both offer apps that unashamedly declare they can spoof locations — and neither mobile OS vendor does anything to

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What’s new in Notifications in iOS 16?

If you’ve switched to iOS 16, you’ve probably already realized Apple has tweaked the system. Notifications now appear at the bottom of the display and there are other changes that must be learned.

We all use them, we all need them

With the recent introduction of iOS 16 and the extent to which mobile pros depend on notifications — and

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Critical zero-days make September’s Patch Tuesday a ‘Patch

With 63 updates affecting Windows, Microsoft Office and the Visual Studio and .NET platforms — and reports of three publicly exploited vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-37969, CVE-2022-34713, CVE-2021-40444) — this month’s Patch Tuesday release gets a “Patch Now” priority. Key testing areas include printing, Microsoft Word, and in general application un-installations. (The Microsoft Office, .NET and browser updates can be added to your

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Workday expands service that surfaces employee skills

Workday this week announced an expansion to its Skills Cloud service, which uses existing employee information culled from third-party systems to discover talents that can be put to use within an organization.

Introduced in 2018, Skills Cloud comes natively with Workday’s Human Capital Management platform, machine learning software that helps client companies build talent management programs.

The software culls information

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Want to change a dysfunctional culture? Intel’s Israel

Disclosure: Intel is a client of the author.

Many tech firms have a reputation for paying well, but treating employees — particularly women and minorities — poorly. Some of this follows from decades of bad behavior, as highlighted in books such as “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley“ and “Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other

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