A Guide to Help You Fix Computer Errors


Learning how to fix computer errors can be a real life saver at times. With the popularity of the personal computer rising everyday obtaining some basic technical computer repair skills can be very beneficial. When you first buy your computer it runs extremely smooth but as time goes on and your usage of your computer increases you may begin to notice a change its overall performance.

The power of present day computers is amazing, although they do have their problems and if you don’t know how to fix computer errors when they present themselves you can become very inconvenienced. Computers do require regular maintenance and they need to be periodically upgraded and if you fail to keep up with some easy maintenance you will no doubt experience problems. There are a few simple tasks that can be performed to fix computer errors and help prevent them from occurring in the future.

Tips That Will Help You Fix Computer Errors

If your computers registry becomes corrupt or unstable it will dramatically affect your computers performance in a very negative way. You may notice your computer is running extremely slow and your having to wait for programs to open or it takes awhile to switch from web page to web page. If you use your computer for work or school or maybe just to run the family’s budget, learning how to fix computer errors when they occur can be extremely beneficial.

When your computers registry has been corrupted you may have error messages popping up on your screen such as “fatal .exe error” or “.dll file error” and these type of errors can cause your system to shut down or freeze up leaving you with a computer that you cannot use. When these type of errors occur it can be extremely frustrating because you may be in the middle of some important work, so if your learn how to fix computer errors such as these you can avoid serious down time.

One of the first steps you should take in efforts to solve your problem would be to run your disk defragmenter. Running the disk defragmenter may reduce the occurrence of errors by condensing all the files in need of repair.

To fix computer errors that are related to your computers registry, you should complete a registry scan so that all the unused, old and unwanted data can be detected and removed. To clean your computers registry you will need to “BUY” a good registry cleaner program. I want to emphasize on the word “Buy” because there are a lot of free registry cleaners available but it’s a terrible idea to even try a free registry cleaner. Free registry cleaners will not only just not fix computer errors they will cause damage to your system. When it comes to the free registry cleaners the programmers will put in malicious code and adware and spyware programs that will collect and transmit your personal information and in many cases end up leaving your computer so damaged that it cannot be repaired.

Reg Clean is one of the more advanced registry cleaner programs available as it can perform a variety of preventative maintenance tasks as well as removing malicious spyware and viruses that have infected your registry. When you run a scan with Reg Clean it can fix computer errors as it cleans up your entire registry and it performs a registry backup while it is defragging your system.

There are a number of viruses out there that can really attack your system causing all sorts of problems. Spyware and virus programs can be the cause of a variety of computer errors. They are capable of overwriting program files or deleting necessary file extensions disabling important programs and limiting the functionality of your system. To fix computer errors that are a result of spyware and some viruses you can use updated antispyware and antivirus protection.

Damaged or corrupt programs or virus infections can cause serious damage to your computers boot section, and this will prevent your system from booting up properly or possibly not at all. When you need to fix computer errors related to your system booting up properly you should use your Windows XP Boot CD as this can repair the Windows XP installation which can overwrite computer errors picked up through spyware or viruses.

If the problems that you are having are directly related to your computers memory you will experience some of the following problems; system crashes, system hang or computer freeze, blue screen, constant restarts and crashing software programs. To fix computer errors related to your systems memory there are specific software programs that can help free up some memory space which will help solve RAM related problems. Improving your systems memory which is also known as RAM (random access memory), will improve your computers performance dramatically so I would highly advice you to do a computer memory test. To complete a memory test there is specific software available for such a task, one program that I am aware of that is very effective is called Memtest86, this can help you zero in on your problem allowing you to fix computer errors brought to your attention through the use of the software.

If you have tried all the advice given in this article and your still experiencing computer problems I would do a search on the Internet for information on how to fix computer errors. You will find many websites that focus on computer basics and troubleshooting. I would be very careful though and really check the websites credentials so you can be sure that your getting advice from a reliable and secure source. There is also a software program available that can help you learn how to fix computer errors, but again I would be very cautious about any program that needs to be down loaded and run on your computer. Remember preventative maintenance can save you from a lot of unnecessary problems and one of the best preventative measures you can take is to purchase a reputable registry cleaner program and use it periodically to clean your registry of old, unused, unwanted and damaging data.